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Issue Three - The Take/Reportage Issue
  The team at Take are very honoured to have worked with the amazing Reportage Festival to produce Issue 03 of Take. Reportage put together a series of exhibitions, workshops and other projects in Sydney in May 2013, showcasing some of the worlds leading documentary photographers. Take was very excited to work with Reportage to be able to publish work from these talented individuals.

To your right is a list of the photographers showcased in Take 03. Copies are only available for purchase online. CLICK HERE to purchase >

Adam Ferguson, Alex Webb, Antonio Zambardino, Arien Chang Castan, Claire Martin, David Burnett, Ed Giles, Finbarr O'Reilly, Francesco Zizola, Giovanni Cocco, Hannah Rose Roberstson, Jack Picone, Leysis Quesada Vera, Raphaela Rosella, Raul Canibano Ercilla, Rebecca Norris Webb, Simona Ghizzoni, Tamara Dean, Yuri Kozyrev.

Issue Three Cover Image:
David Burnett

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Issue One


Stefano De Luigi / Andrew Quilty / Tamara Dean / Stephen Dupont /
Adam Ferguson / Boogie / Corey Arnold / Danny Wilcox Frazier /
David Flannagan / James Brickwood / Jessica Tremp / Lee Grant /
Martin Mischkulnig / Megan Cullen / Alex & Rebecca Webb /
Adam Panczuk / Tanya Lake / Ben Sullivan / Toby Dixon / Lisa Wiltse /

Issue One Cover Image:
Stefano De Luigi
    Issue Two (Hardcover)


Cedric Arnold / Ben Evans / Brian Cassey / Dana Goldstein / Dario Cestaro /
David Collier / David Maurice Smith / Monstruo / Elizabeth Hosking / Ella Mitchell /
George Voulgaropoulos / Ian Flanders / Jackson Eaton / Jon Reid /
Jonathan Clifford / Josh Baker / Juan Luis Garcia / Katrin Koenning / Krystle Wright /
Luke Shadbolt / Prudence Stent / Rod Owen / Sarah Rhodes / Stef Mitchell
Andy Hatton / Marc Stringa /

Issue Two Cover Image:
Cedric Arnold